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“Home” and “Work” Semantic Place Detection in MyPlacesDiary App

Today we published the MyPlacesDiary App in the PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=at.knowcenter.healthcockpit – Download and enjoy!

There are loads of cool things about this App, from a functionality point of view that it automatically detects your “home” and “work” place. In addition, it is the result of a lot of really nice collaborations:

  • Elisabeth, Oliver, Jörg and I worked on and published a paper on semantic place detection: “Lex, E., Pimas, O., Simon, J., Pammer, V – Where am I? Using mobile sensor data to predict a user’s semantic place with a random forest algorithm
  • Anna Weber did a cool master project in which she used the winning features for the categories “home” and “work” to create a heuristics-based semantic place detection algorithm
  • My team “Ubiquitous Personal Computing” at the Know-Center collaborated with Joanneum Research in a joint R&D project – very nice collaboration: Thanks Alfred, Anna, Stefan, Patrick!