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Mobile MoodMap for iOS and Android Published

My Know-Center team “Ubiquitous Personal Computing ” just published the mobile MoodMap App for iOS and Android:

The Apps were developed by Peter Marton initially as a technical study of the the cross-platform development Titanium. Since this worked out fine overall – voilà two Apps!

Use the Apps to:

  • Express your mood in colours
  • Tag your mood: What happened in that instant? What are your (private) comments?
  • Visualise: Have a look at your own mood over time, and at the mood of the team around you.
  • React: It is up to you to react to mood changes. If things are going well: Enjoy! If things are not: Re-think the way you are communicating and working.

The mobile MoodMap App was developed in the context of the MIRROR EU project on reflective learning at work, based on the web-based, collaborative MoodMap App developed within MIRROR. We experimented with mood-tracking at work in order to identify things that go well and things that do not – with the goal to improve work practice of course.

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